Pakoštane, Pakoštane, Croatia

Start date: 2021-06-12
End date:2021-06-12
Location: Pakoštane, Pakoštane, Croatia
Event Type: Depth Competition
Organizer: Vitomir Maričić
Additional info: The Cup of Croatia is traditionally hosted by Nautilus club from Pakoštane.
Competition will be limited to 15 participants.
Participants will be able to choose any discipline, and a correction factor will be applied to determine a unanimous standing in the end.
The competition fee is 30 EUR.
Registration and application is exclusively through where you will receive information on account number of AIDA Croatia for the fee, timetable of competition and possibilities on official training day before. Any news will be sent through mailing list created from registered athletes.
Competition is practically in the national park Kornati so its maybe a good idea to take a day to explore the islands around.

Disciplines: FIM CNF CWTB CWT
Safety Qualifications: Standard safety team of freedivers and lifeguards
Safety plan: Speedboat evacuation on spineboard after retrieval of victim, doctor escort and O2 until paramedic team takes over.
Maximum depth:95m
Main Judge: Maja Bozicek
Other Jury Members: Mateja Radulovic